Epicurean Indulgence

by Lucy A. Brown

Partake of the fabulous feast before you,
It’s cascade of consumable constituents
Ponderously burdening the lengthy tables.
Delve into the flavorful flesh
Of fire roasted rump of bovine beast.
Savor the sumptuous sandwiches,
High and stacked thick with myriad meats
And cheeses.
Slather on thick, rich relishes, chutneys, creams, and sauces.
Submerge yourselves fully
Into the depths of gastric abandonment.
Give way to these culinary creations
As they caress your palates
With the palatial pleasures of a royal banquet.

And take deep pleasure
In the sensuous sweet sips
That set the mind to reel.
The fermented ambrosia which soothes the soul
And relaxes the weary, tensioned psyche.
Bottoms up with a pint of bitters
Or a flagon of rum, a stein of ale;
Savor a snifter of Brandy,
Take pleasure in an embracing glass of wine;
Down a shot of whiskey or a jigger of gin.
When the evening starts to chill,
Warm pleasured souls with hot toddies and eggnog.
Succumb to the sweet ambrosia,
The siren’s call that sucks you in,
Head spinning, mind whirling,
Numb to the woes of the wretched world.
Pour it from the pitcher,
Serve it from the spout.
Another carafe, another glass.

Let the musicians make euphonic melody,
While you whirl and gyrate in terpsichorean delight to bawdy music
And rowdy song.
Chortle, giggle, and laugh in frenzied merriment.
Join in playful frivolity,
And telling of tall tales.
Give way to irresponsible abandonment.
Yield then to the promiscuous pleasures of the night,
And the ultimate beckoning arms of Morpheus.

I raise my glass in tribute
To the morrow,
And toast to the evening before us: “Dine, drink, and dance,
For tomorrow we die!”


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